Birth Partners and Doulas

Birth Partners

Some women may wonder if a doula will take the place of her partner.

The answer is absolutely not.

While a doula is there to support the laboring woman, she is also there to support the birth partner. A doula can help your partner help you. A doula can give your partner a rest when he or she needs it. A doula can take care of things like preparing food, drawing a bath, walking or feeding your pet, communicating with hospital staff, etc., so that your partner may be completely attentive to you, or conversely, your doula can tend to you if your partner is more comfortable taking care of other tasks during your labor.

Often a partner and doula will work together to manage labor pain, breathe with you, and more effectively meet your needs. A doula can help your partner feel confident in his or her role as a birth partner, and help your partner not to feel alone, or feel the immense pressure that can come with the responsibility of being a sole labor companion.