Concierge Services "everything but the Birth"

Birth Consultation

This is a service for those who do not wish to hire a doula to attend their birth, but who want a guide to labor and delivery. Do you have unanswered questions about labor and delivery? Are you nervous about navigating the hospital system? Do you have questions about birth planning, pain management, and labor techniques? Do you want to know how to best advocate for yourself at the hospital? This service is for you! 

Concierge services include one 2 hour visit in your home or via Skype. We can provide this service at any time during your pregnancy, but would strongly recommend scheduling it at the during your 3rd trimester. 

Pricing is as follows: 
FREE phone consultation prior to hire
$250 for Skype session (Recommended for those outside of the OC area)
$350 for in-person session (Recommended for those in the OC area)

*Fee must be paid in full prior to session

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating a birth plan
  • Questions you might ask yourself prior to labor (For example, what do I want to do with my placenta? Do I wish to have skin to skin contact or delayed cord clamping?)
  • What to expect at the hospital/Navigating the hospital
  • Preparing for labor
  • Natural ways to induce labor
  • How to labor at home effectively
  • Ways you may be able to avoid C-section
  • How to use a rebozo during labor
  • Labor positions
  • Tips and tricks of a doula: managing labor pain, fetal positioning, breath, and easing the birthing process
  • Referrals you may like to use: lactation counselors, postpartum doulas, placenta encapsulation and beyond.
  • Reading recommendations
  • Boot Camp for Birth Partners
  • Miscellaneous questions you may have