Do I Really Want a Doula?

Benefits of a Doula

You may ask yourself, "why would I want to hire someone I don’t even know to attend my birth?"

When you get to the hospital you will be assigned a nurse who will be taking care of you and several other laboring women. She will be in and out of your room and other nurses will take over during her breaks and at her shift change. Your OB or Midwife will probably come into the room closer to the time of delivery and may or may not stay in the room until the end of your pushing phase. You will be checked throughout your stay at the hospital by various residents and possibly observed by the hospital’s medical students. All of these people will likely be people you’ve never met before.

A doula is a birth professional that you will know, and who will be with you for the entirety of your birth. She will be the one professional who is completely familiar with you, your partner, your birth plan.  She will be the only professional who is there for YOU and ONLY YOU.

At your home your doula can help you to labor safely and calmly, helping you and your partner manage pain, use controlled breathing techniques, and guide you through your home laboring journey.

She will answer your questions and explain things when you feel overwhelmed or are unsure what the medical staff is suggesting.

She is available should your partner need to rest, shower, eat, or leave the hospital for any reason.

In the interview, two prenatal visits, and phone interactions throughout your pregnancy, you will get the chance to know your doula and she to know you. She will not be a stranger on the day of your birth, but rather an ally and friend.