" Jessica is an amazing doula! We met her through a doula service after doing a speed-dating like meet and greet, and she was the person that my husband and I agreed was most qualified and that we were most comfortable with. Prior to our first meeting she had a very thorough questionnaire re labor and birth preferences. We met with her twice before birth to discuss our preferences and to form a birth plan. She was able to give us insight on what to expect based on our preferences, and to give advice without judgment. My goal was to have a natural birth without pain managment with a midwife attending. During the labor process she was omnipresent, comforting, and provided amazing support for both myself and my husband. She helped to relieve my pain using positional changes, massage, and just by being supportive. She was able to help keep me focused on my goal even when I was starting to falter, and now after birth I am so grateful that she did that. My husband states that having her was the best thing we did to prepare for the labor process. I couldn't agree more!"

Megan L., New York, New York

"As a first-time Mom I read everything I could, but nothing could have prepared me for labor and delivery. In hindsight, I can say the best preparation we made was to hire Jess as our doula. Jess is so strong but flexible, and reassuringly warm. She was completely committed to supporting the birth experience we were hoping for. Even our doctor loved her. I credit Jess with our excellent outcome in spite of unexpected complications. In the end, we had a very healthy baby boy via vaginal birth with a minimum of interventions, and without pain medications.  The most valuable service Jess provided was her unwavering support. She was a calming presence both at home and at the hospital, and an anchor of sanity in a frightening and exhilarating experience for my partner and me. Both of us feel we could not have made it through it all without her. Bottom line: Jess is a rock, a superstar. I can not overemphasize her talents as a doula or the positivity of our experience with her" 

-Megan G., New York, New York

"Working with Jessica was an awesome experience. She is down to earth, fun, patient, and very knowledgeable. After our two prenatal visits I felt confident that Jessica would help our family stick as best we could to our birth plan and advocate for our wishes.  During labor Jessica was a calming force for both my partner and me, and we credit her for saving us from a c-section by helping us explain our wishes to our doctor and working with the hospital staff to help my baby get into a better position and speed up my stalled labor. In the end, the birth was very close to what I'd imagined and wanted, and Jessica is a huge contributing factor. We highly, highly recommend her!

-Katya H., Sunnyside, NY

"Jessica was our doula for the birth of our first baby in Dec 2014. I was in labor for more than 30 hours and having Jessica with us was a huge help. She massaged my back, which was the only thing that made the contractions bearable for so long and stayed calm for what it seemed an eternity. It was comforting and reassuring to have her there with us, at home and later at the Hospital. Although I ended up having a c section Jessica was a wonderful support for me and my husband. We wish her more success in her journey as a doula!"

- Patricia H., Glen Oaks, NY

“Since this was our first pregnancy and we didn't really know what to expect, we decided to go with a Doula to have any extra support possible. At the Meet-the-Doulas meeting at Beth Israel Hospital, me, my wife and Jessica really hit it off, and we felt very comfortable with our choice - for good reasons!  During her two home visits at our place she introduced us to some really useful tools and techniques which turned out to be extremely helpful during my wife's very long delivery (which included 50 hours of pre-labor!). Her presence on the phone during the hours before, and at the hospital on site made a big difference in this entire process, and we would go on this journey again with her any time! Thanks so much Jessica!”

- Johannes S., Astoria, NY

Jessica was a wonderful and supportive presence throughout my labor and birth. I had a 52 hour labor and experienced back labor throughout, and Jessica expertly helped me navigate my pain, using her skills to help me progress my labor and helping me in working through most of my labor at home. Jessica both pushed to make sure I got the birth I wanted while supporting my need to be flexible given the ways in which my labor progressed. I strongly believe that having Jessica's support is one of the main reasons I was able to have a vaginal birth despite laboring for so long and other complications that developed at the hospital. 

Jessica was also extremely supportive of my husband, who was understandably exhausted and concerned by the time we went to the hospital. She helped normalize our experience, which while totally normal felt crazy to us (neither of us had any idea labor could last so long). I cannot imagine having gone through this experience without her, and am so grateful that she was present to help guide us. 

In addition to the birth, Jessica helped prepare us and came about a week post-partum to help with whatever we needed. In general, she's an extremely supportive, warm, and confident presence, and I couldn't recommend her enough.

-Sarah D., Jackson Heights, NY